Before filling out the form below to apply to be a vendor at the Macomb Farmer's Market, be sure to fully read both the Hold Harmless Agreement used by the City of Macomb and the Farmers Market Rules and Regulations in full. 

Also, for any vendor who wishes to sell prepared food products they must have a licensed kitchen in accordance with the Illinois Department of Pubic Health and in order to give out samples must have a current Farmers Market Food Product Sampling Handler Certificate. CLICK HERE for more information.

2018 Farmers Market Rules and Regulations.pdf 2018 Farmers Market Rules and Regulations.pdf
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Type : pdf
2018 Hold Harmless Agreement.pdf 2018 Hold Harmless Agreement.pdf
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2018 Vendor Registration Form.pdf 2018 Vendor Registration Form.pdf
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Macomb Farmers Market Vendor Form

Do you accept and understand the hold harmless agreement used by the City of Macomb, Downtown Development Office and the Macomb Farmer's Market

Have you read, and do you accept and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Macomb Farmers' Market